The First All India Pigeon show was organized by Ind-Pigeons in September of 2017, This was held at Vali mahal a large air conditioned hall in Chennai.

The chief guests were, Mr Ajay Bhartan Ajay Barathan (DIGP), the Deputy Inspector General of Police CRPF, Hyderabad, at the point of time, Mr Vetri Maaran a noted personality and one of the best movie directors in India, Mr R R Prasad, and Mr Dhansingh.

At this function, we honored all the champions of several clubs in India. A total of 75 trophies was granted to all the champions of various clubs. This was the first pigeon show ever witnessed in India. At that function, we also had a Pigeon Show competition where Racing Homers were put on display and evaluated by three judges. The judges were, Mr Raju, a champion from Bangalore; Dr. Shakir Nauman, a senior doctor at Hyderabad, in charge of medical facilities in Hyderabad; and Mr Ashley Shane, who has about 45 years of experience in pigeon racing.

There were three champions. The pigeon of Mr Vignesh Kumar – also known as Vicky – was selected as the best pigeon of the show; he was given the awards with much fanfare. There were about thousand four hundred (1400) people attending the show during that exhibition. People came from all over India, even from as far as Punjab, Delhi. and Calcutta; from Pune, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Kanyakumari, and other places across the country. It was a great gathering.

Along with a lot of talk about pigeons and racing, this was a chance to meet a lot of champions, and interact with the real heroes.

In general there are no occasions for such meetings, for many fanciers this was a place for complete interaction, and a great place for everyone to meet up, share interesting stories, enjoy food, and have an enjoyable day among people who share the same interests.