Ind-Pigeons society is a club formed by successful professionals from various walks of life, who love pigeons, the welfare of racing pigeons, and the art of keeping racing pigeons. It was formed as a club in 2018 to conduct open races. In 2021, the Ind-Pigeons society as a club opened up to include members from different strata of society, all paying an annual membership fee and competing against each other for the main overall championship.

The difference between Ind-Pigeons society and other clubs is basically in the racing categories of the birds, where instead of having just young birds and old birds categories, we have a category of 30 birds. This helps fanciers to tag more birds and win in a race with a larger number of participating birds; instead of getting the first place in about 200 to 220 birds, they can now achieve the first place in about 600 birds. This is an accomplishment that gives a lot of satisfaction and personal joy to the fancier.

The club has a set of rules and we have a core committee which governs the club. The rules are all set before the racing season during the annual meetings. The core committee which formulates the rules is made of Satya, a seasoned champion and racing fancier; Shekar from Perumbur, a dedicated pigeon lover and long time fancier; Sampath, another brilliant fancier and an able administrator, who helps a lot in the races and the tagging system; and Floyd who is the treasurer and helps in planning the races and organizing them.

The clubs conduct training tosses for the birds from 60km, 100km, 150 kms. The races start from 210km, progressing to 310km, 410km, 520km, 700km, 850km and 1000km. Points are given for the birds achieving the first 30 placements. The overall championship is given for the one with the most points.

We have a whatsapp group where fanciers of the club connect and share pigeon related information, they also have personal chats about what’s going on in their life. It’s more of a online social gathering with people who have a common love for the racing pigeons.

The fanciers are fierce competitors and loyal friends. They want to win each and every point on the racing track, but off the track they’re best of friends. In addition to helping with pigeons they help each other in personal matters regarding their jobs, their families, and any support they may need; it’s more like a large community.