A pigeon fancier whose  love affair with the pigeons is over 45 years . A champion racer in his day and now a promoter of this great sport among  the youth with the sole purpose of ensuring future generations continue this great sport  Ashley plays a very important role in the transparent conduct of the tagging and declaration of results.


Pigeons is his life and has dedicated most of his time in helping new fanciers select good birds and one who is master in helping pigeons while laying their eggs , a life saver. An able administrator who has a keen eye for details while conducting races.


A champion racer and a person whose love affair with pigeons goes beyond boundaries. He takes great pleasure when the fanciers whom he mentors wins races all over India proof that his love for the pigeons is not limited to his success.


Pigeons , Pigeons pigeons that is all on Shekar’s mind night and day. His help in the conduct of the races is incomparable . When not at work he is either at home at his loft with his feathered friends or helping his friends at their lofts.


A newbie to the sport with only 5 years in it but a lot of fire as this sport runs in the family with his uncles and grandfathers taking part. His loft is in London where he live and races.