The year 2020 was a great year for IND-Pigeon open races. Nicknamed the Godfather of open races where with the help of a lot of good sponsors we were able to award a car to the winner of the race. The two races conducted was the Ongole race and the Warangal race. We gave Maruthi alto lxi as an award for each of these, and we thank our sponsors for coming forward and giving it; without their support and sponsorship it would not have been possible to give such awards and as the amounts collected towards the expenses of the race were very minimal.


The 275 km provincial race titled ‘Prince of Ongole’ was by won by a noted film director “Mr Vetri Maaran” of VM lofts. His birds performed very well achieving the first and second placements in this race, and he was awarded the car sponsored to encourage the fancier of the winning bird. The pigeon fielded by “Mr Mohan Raj” of Rapid lofts won the third place. “Mr Vetri Maaran” made a clean sweep of the top five placements. He won the first, second, 4th and fifth with the third and the sixth going to “Mr Mohan Raj” of Rapid lofts.


This 2020 race event called, ‘The King of Warangal’ was a 550 kms race under very challenging conditions. The first and the third placements were won by the birds fielded by “Mr V Satya” and the second place was awarded to the bird of “Mr Vetri Maaran” of VM lofts.