The Nagpur Maharaja National 900km event.
The first inter-city national race named the Nagpur Maharaja was held in 2019. It was an event for fanciers from Chennai, Salem, Vaniyambadi, Bangalore, and places nearby these cities. A total of 183 birds took part in this 900 km race; a challenging event where the birds fly across a lot of dry land, arid climates and most importantly, strong headwinds. Covering a distance of 870 kms, the pigeon winning the1st place of this race was fielded by Mr Ravi from Bangalore. The second place winner belongs to Mr Lokesh Rao, also from Bangalore; and the pigeon wining the third place belongs to Mr Raja Madhi from K G F. All three worthy winners of this great race. The bird fielded by Mr A K Gopi was the first one to come into Chennai region and was placed 8th in this race.


The 550km ‘King of Warangal’ event.
The 550 km ‘King of Warangal’ race event was held for pigeon fanciers in Chennai and places around Chennai. This race had 381 birds participating the 2019 edition.
The winner of this race belonged to Mr R Maghesh, and the second to Mr N Palaniappan aka Singapore Palaniappan. The third place winner was to the pigeon of Mr Abdul Rahman of Chennai.
In this race the birds proved their ability to tackle tough conditions such as strong headwinds in hot dry weather.
We had a worthy on-day winner in this particular race. For the first time so many birds arrived on the same day. A record on-day return of 33 birds created history, since birds from this race point normally come back during the night or the next day.



The first race was for fanciers in Pondicherry and its surrounding areas. This was a 400 km Open event. The winning bird of this race was fielded by Mr Satish Kumar; the second place too was bagged by him. The third place went to Mr J Siva. About 136 birds took part and this was the first time a race of this size was witnessed in this region.



The 275km ‘Prince of Ongole’ race event.
The second open event in 2019 was the 275 km provincial race called the Prince of Ongole. The Prince of Ongole event is being conducted since 2018; the event is named thus as the winner would be called the Prince of Ongole for that year.
The winning bird of the 2019, 275 km race was fielded by Mr N. Palaniappan, who is also popularly known as Singapore Palaniappan as he works in a large banking concern in Singapore as its Senior Vice-President. The second and third places were taken by the combination of Devaraj and Vicky. About 478 birds took part in this exciting race.